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What is pickle-ball?

Pickle-ball is a paddle sport readily played by people of all ages and levels of athleticism.

It is a sport played both indoors and outdoors, on a modified tennis court, badmitton court or a court specifically built for pickle-ball. Players use a paddle made of light weight composite materials and a plastic ball (slightly smaller than a wiffle ball). Delcastle Tennis Center has plans to build pickle-ball specific courts, but at this time use modified tennis courts.

Pickle ball courts are available only during specific days and times - due to the current need to modify the tennis courts prior to play.  Private owner and operator of DTC, Boubacar Toure, has proposed a plan to build four pickle ball courts. This plan has been accepted by New Castle County.

The Court

A pickle-ball court measures 20x44 feet. The net measures 34 inches in the middle and 36 inches on the ends. The court has right and left service courts, with a no-volley zone at the net, known as the "kitchen."


Tennis sneakers are a must. Tennis style clothing is common - but anything comfortable is appropriate.